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We are Leif and Lena. I (Lena) am the primary voice of the blog. Leif is the fun side of the blog. This blog tells about our journey as a husband and wife team following the HCG Diet. We are both 30 years old. I am 5 feet tall and Leif is just over 6 feet tall. I have been pregnant 4 times. Leif's body simply had sympathy pains that went along with mine.:) We both need to lose about 20-30 pounds, 40 would be Awesome! I am also a Holistc Health Practitioner (Student) with GCNM and I am following this diet with the "Science Project" mentality. We hope you enjoy reading about, and following our journey. Please feel free to be a cheerleader!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The HCG Diet: The Good - the Bad - and the Ugly

When I began the HCG Diet this Summer I had an underlining question that had gone unanswered until now. Do people keep the weight off that they lose while following the HCG Diet? Let me answer that question for you as well as a few more you might have along the way.

THE GOOD: I had met 3 people (all in seperate households and families) in my neighborhood who were in the last phases of the HCG diet when I was trying to decided whether or not to do the diet. All of them had lost a lot of weight and were thrilled with the results. We had read hundreds of stories of people who were just ending the diet and were celebrating their victory. Some of them were even working through a second or third round (which is incredible!) So, naturally, Leif and I wanted in on the party! We jumped in, and in the end of the hard road we had lost a lot of weight. The good part about the HCG Diet is that it really does cause weight loss.

THE BAD: During my round of the HCG Diet I was miserable. It was a very hard experience for me physically and emotionally. This was very perplexing for me because you would think that with so much success I would be in a state of bliss. That was not the case. I was exhausted. I was hungry. And I was melancholy. There were better days then others. But overall looking back the memories are not pleasant. None of them except that my pants size decreased.

It wasn't until I had completed the HCG Diet that I discovered why I had struggled so much. I could tell that it had something to do with the lack of carbohydrates in the diet. Simply because that was the only thing that had changed in my diet. I always eat vegetables and meat. So, I hit my health and nutrition books and my best friend, Google. I was reminded that the carbohydrates that we eat not only provide our body with energy (calories) they provide the first building blocks for serotonin. Serotonin in the body is most known for its mood balancing function. When someone is low on serotonin they are often melancholy or depressed and fatigued.

In my opinion, someone who is already struggling with a low serotonin chemical imbalance (including myself) the HCG Diet could be disrupting to any prior efforts they have taken to balance this chemical in the body. I was on a very low dose of Paxil. Up until the HCG Diet it was balancing the problem. I suppose that if I took more during the diet it might help. But that isn't always easy or helpful. So, for many people the HCG Diet could contribute to an already imbalanced serotonin level in the body. This is the Bad about the HCG Diet.

THE UGLY: It has been around three to four months since Leif and I finished the HCG Diet. The original unanswered question that I had about whether or not people keep the weight off after the HCG Diet has been answered. In my opinion, the answer is most definitely NO! All three of the people that I had met personally who followed the HCG Diet have gained the weight back. Leif and I have most unfortunately gained the weight back.

Why after such a struggle to lose the weight would someone gain it back? I believe it is because the struggle to lose the weight was short lived. It took less then 30 days for Leif and I to lose the weight. A habit can't even be broken and corrected in that short amount of time. Along with the habits not being broken and corrected their was no training on how to live a normal healthy lifestyle. Those of us who follow the HCG Diet are in need of a quick fix. We want to lose the weight, and FAST! But unfortunately, that is not the way to keep the weight off. The only way to keep the weight off is to change the bad habits that brought on the weight in the first place. I believe the very best way to lose weight is through using the Weight Watchers program. I have met several people who have followed Weight Watchers and they have kept the weight off for years. I should have done that! This is the ugly truth about the HCG Diet.

I hope your view looking back is better then mine!


  1. Lena and Leif,
    I lost 40 lbs on weigh watchers. It took 8 months but during that time I had to change my relationship with food. It's been two years and I've kept it off but I still struggle not falling into old habits.
    Jennifer (Leif's cousin)

  2. I think you hit it on the head... just another quick fix that seems to work amazing but in the end the question is, did you learn how to not be overweight? Generally the answer is no... I have a friend who has lost a ton of weight on the HGC.....Im hoping she doesnt gain it back....

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  7. How did you do your P3? Were you able to stabilize your weight for at least 3 weeks within the 2lb range? Or you start binge eating? Stabilization is key in any diet. Losing weight is easy, let your body keep that weight is the challenge, seriously start to really be strict on your diet once you reached your weight goal, that's the most important step.


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